Pad-producing company

euroflex pad production company

Euroflex has operated on both domestic and international markets for over 20 years with a wide range of products ranging from pads for sanding and polishing to resin sponges for polishing and accessories for finishing surfaces.

The market we address is made up of professional users in sectors such as car bodywork, first plant and wood and nautical industries – we suppply pads and products for sanding and cleaning surfaces.

The craftsmanship that characterises our production allows us to provide both standard and custom articles, while continuously seeking to improve the materials used in order to ensure that our customers always have products that are in keeping with the times and excellent value for money.

Collaboration with customers is one of our strengths, combined with the professionalism that distinguishes us, making it possible to produce highly specialised articles based on customer's designs and measurements, which can be sold as original equipment and spare parts.

euroflex production company pads and sanding items
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